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In October 1983, a 16th-century idea from England, The Nut Man Co Inc. decided to put a fresh zest into peddling wares in the marketplace. Throughout Europe, the candy and snack industry was vibrant and rich with colour, smells, and highly competitive. The Fins were proud of their Fazer Mints, the French had their chocolate snacks, and of course, no one knew sweets like the Brits. The Nut Man Co Inc. wanted to bring this flair of taste, smell, colour, and the “Joie de Vive” to everyone in Alberta (and beyond).

We own and operate the activities in areas across BC, AB and SK! Come visit us today in Calgary, Edmonton, Prince George, Kelowna, Vancouver, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Saskatoon.

The Nut Man is really a woman! She continues the legacy of fine treats, snacks, chocolates, nuts, toys, and gifts that inspired The Nut Man Co years ago. Currently, The Nut Man Co offers over 100 varieties of prepackaged nuts, candies, popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate, and mixes both domestic and imported from all over the world.

We continue to contribute to the Volunteer Resources of Hospitals through their commercial vendor program and to other charitable societies. We also have fundraising programs for schools, sports groups, and any interested party.

Our products are changing to reflect the times. We constantly search for healthier items such as soya nuts, flax, and various mixes, however, the quality nuts and chocolate seem to always be in demand. Our marketing programs expand and we continue to seek new ways to serve our customers and wholesalers.

We are still Nutty after all these years! We are also woman owned and operated. We are wiser from experience, networks of business contacts, customers and friends. We are blessed with a family we call staff, who input their thoughts and feelings as well as our wholesaler owners who give regular feedback and support.

Although we have grown from a very small beginning to a well-known company in many parts of Western Canada, it still feels like we are just beginning. We couldn't have done it without our valued customers, staff and families.

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Nuts on the Go!

Our Food Truck is on-the-go across Alberta! Check out our [events] page to see when the Nut Man Food Truck will be in your neck of the woods. To request a route agent, fill out the form here.

Nutty Subscription Boxes

Never go snackless again. Get your snacks on auto-repeat with our subscription boxes. Click here to fill up your favorite box with classic bagged treats and good-to-eats.

More Than Just… Nuts

The Nut Man does a lot more than nuts! We offer chocolate, candy, trays, gift baskets, and more. From coffee and tea to classics like mustard pretzels, we’re ready for personal or professional snacking.

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The Women Behind The Nut Man Co Inc.

We’re proud to be one of Alberta’s women owned and operated businesses.

Jade Anderson

Jade is the CEO of The Nut Man Co Inc. Focused on bringing unique products and gifts to the hands of consumers across Canada. She is eager to create new mixes, bring new products to the market and maintain almost 40 years of customer relations. Her favorite mix is The Nut Man mix!

LeeAnn Berthold​

LeeAnn is Edmonton's Manager and Snack/Gift Specialist who loves crafting and sewing. With her attention to detail, her favourite part of her role is knowing she is making people happy when they receive their delicious snacks! When she’s not enjoying a campfire you’ll find her enjoying the chocolate covered cherries.

Genny Doyle

Genny is Calgary's Head office's Clients Relations Administrative Manager who loves camping. Her favourite part of her role is helping customers When she's not baking you'll find her enjoying the Burbon Mix!

Anna Luchak​

Anna is Customer Service Giftologist who loves hanging out with her husband and cat, Rocket. As a people person, her favourite part of her role is interacting with the customers. When she’s not baking, you can find her snacking on mustard pretzels!

Laura Nolan

Laura is in our Production Team and she loves cooking and gardening. When she's not organizing, her favourite part of her role is preparing all the wonderful snacks! You'll find her snacking on the Cadbury mint chocolate bars.​

Lori Fenning

Lori is in our Production Team and she loves spending time with her dog at the off leash park. As a team player, her favourite part of her role is knowing each day is going to be different. You'll find her snacking on the chocolate pretzels.

Joan Duval

Joan is the Warehouse and Product Manager. She loves cooking and snacking. When she's not resting, her favourite part of her role is preparing wonderful gifts for customers.

Lieu Le

Lieu Le

Lieu is our Bookkeeper who works in the Calgary Main Office, She loves walking around the lake in the early morning. Her favourite part of her role is helping to organize workflows.

Elisa Miller

Elisa is in our Production Team and she loves listening to music. Her favourite part of her role is preparing all the different snacks. When she's not hanging out with friends, you'll find her snacking on the Nut Man Mix.

Katherine Brodie

Katherine is in our Production Team. She loves to travel and has enjoyed seeing many different parts of the world with her family. When not traveling or spending time in her garden, she loves to snack on pistachios and French burnt peanuts.

Tanya Oszadszky

Tanya is the Manager of our South Center Mall location. She loves puzzles and playing video games. Her favourite part of her role is meeting new people and interacting with customers. When she's not reading you'll find her snacking on the Bourbon St Mix.

Rob Ziefflie​

Rob is one of our Delivery Driver's and he loves reading. His favourite part of his role is getting to see people's reactions to the snacks and treats offered. When he's not meeting new people you'll find him snacking on some chocolate.

Sandra Lapierre

Sandra works in the Calgary Main Office and helps all departments. She loves working with people and when she's not busy helping you'll find her snacking on some Ju Jubes.

Award Winning Products and Service

There’s always more to explore with the Nut Man

Still Nutty After Almost 40 Years

Founded in 1983, The Nut Man has brought smiles and snacks to Canada for over 40+ years

Award-winning customer service

Our nutty team is committed to creating quality snacks and service. Visit one of our four locations to have one of our nutty staff members help you find your new favourite snack.

Local and imported snacks, sweets, and more

The Nut Man offers over 70 varieties of prepackaged nuts, candies, chocolate, and mixes both domestic and imported from all over the world. Find your Canadian-made favorites and sweet treats from across the sea.

Options for everyone

Whether you need gluten free, sugar free, or low-sodium snacks: We’ve got your back. From salt water taffy to a variety of nuts, we can accommodate many dietary restrictions.

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Great products. Came from the crossroads to the south center mall for the chicken bones!
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Lovely owner Clean establishment Great choices Fantastic gift basket
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Absolutely love the selection and the flavours. I highly suggest the chocolate jubes...amazing.