Still Nutty After All These Years!

We are wiser from experience, travel, workshops, networks of business contacts, cycles of blunders, and cycles of successes. We are blessed with a staff who input their thoughts and feelings and dealership owners who give regular feedback and support.

We own and operate the activities in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and more will be joining.Our warehouses in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver have storefront show rooms, which are always open during business hours. We have a store in Bow Valley Square in Calgary, come visit us today!

We contribute over $80,000 a year to the Volunteer Resources of Hospitals through their commercial vendor program and we contribute over $50,000 per year to other charitable societies. We also have fund raising programs for schools, sports groups, and any interested party. Total sales are around $5M and there are new avenues of growth appearing everyday. Our products are changing to reflect the times.

We constantly search for healthier items such as Soya nuts, flax, and various mixes, however, the quality nuts and chocolate seem to always be in demand. Our marketing programs expand and we seem to find ways of surviving the stresses of commerce. Unchanged is our love for the business and the many friends we have made over the years.

Although we have grown from a very small beginning to a well-known company in many parts of Western Canada, it still feels like we are just beginning.

How We Got Here!

In October 1983, motivated largely by the oil recession, Calgarians Jim Miller and Allan Jonas took a 16th century idea from England and decided to put a fresh zest into peddling wares in the market place.

“While in England we discovered that the peddlers added a charming personality as well as conveniently bringing the retail item to the customer.”

Throughout Europe the candy and snack industry was vibrant and rich with colour, smells and highly competitive. The Fins were proud of their Fazer Mints, the French had their chocolate snacks, and of course no one knew sweets like the Brits. We wanted to bring this flair of taste, smell, colour, and the “Joie de Vive” to everyone in Alberta and beyond.
Currently we offer over 70 varieties of prepackaged nuts, candies, chocolate, and mixes both domestic and imported from all over the world.

For the first few months the business operated out of a heated garage with lots of sweet equity. Very soon the demand for our service forced us out into the public eye and the original $1500 investment was growing like a healthy young tree. Our expansion could be described as organic in that opportunities seemed to come without advertising or effort.
In hindsight we could say,

“We were protected by our honesty and our ignorance.”

However, the market place has a way of teaching lessons the hard way very quickly. We followed (and still do) the advice of a wise mentor-friend who stated:

“When your business is based on integrity there is a magnetic draw, which attracts the people and opportunities to you which are necessary for your success.”